About Family Linker

Our Services connect you and your family from where ever you are so you can share what is the most meaningful to you and them. We help connect you and your family on the web from where ever you are in the world so you can always keep track of family events and special days. So you can never miss that singular moment that will be remembered forever.

What is Family Linker?

Family Linker is a free iteration of the many genealogy sites out there on the market but oriented for social media and you create a family tree. But what separate us from all other sites is what we stand for and what our site can be used for. Not only can you know who your family members are and create a tree filling it with your relatives. You will be able to preserve their image as an individual for years to come. As well as your family’s characteristics so your future family will be able to have a solid memory of their ancestors. This in turn creates a strong tie to genealogy itself with in your bloodline, so that you can preserve all this information for free and forever. Future generations will be able to look back on the data you have preserved either by access to the family account or your families ever growing Tree that is has been continuously linked to over accounts. The Purpose isn’t for you just to make an account and let it sit there. We want you to grow and expand your personal knowledge about your family so that you can in turn have your own time capsule that will live on and to be passed onto future generations.